Grupas` President

Experience: 21 years in the Events área and Advice on

Outsourcing processes, 20 years in Business Development,

Hunting and Mentoring in Facilities` area. She studied

electrical engineering, Degree in Psychology, specialized

in Human Behavior and development of marketing plans and

business for growth areas and processes of large customers ,

organizations / associations. Since 2009 organizes Ozires Silva

Space in events related to Business Aviation in Brazil and Europe.

Business Development and Trade ability large customers for companies such as: Comgás, Fleury, RMA Construtora, Embratel, Semco Group, Siemens, Jameson, Dalkia, Markbuilding, T-Gestiona, BJP, Citibank, Side Service, Santander Banespa, Honeywell, Xerox, Kodak, and others.

Strong feature to leverage business due to the business relationship developed with directors and CEOs.

ØLecturer in the areas of HR, Facilities, Development Team. It is part of ADPO, grupas, IBC, IIR, SENAI.

ØA pioneer since 1997 in the development of corporate events and symposiums focusing Shopping and Services / Facilities, World Economic Development in Brazil together with directors and presidents of multinationals.

ØChairs several jobs at the national level in order to boost and consolidate the area Outsourcing services and economic growth in the region.

ØExperience in structuring professionals: Prepare profile, interview, train, and monitor developments within the plan designed viewing results.

ØSpecialist in advising Outsourcing processes and quarteirização focusing on services generating qualitative gains where users seek to contract services in advanced suppliers.

ØIt is one of the “Founders” of the Association of Facilities, Abrafac  , several discussion groups.

ØParticipate of Grupas since 1993 when made a conference about Personal Marketing.

ØActive participant of ABAD – Brazilian Association of Wholesalers and Distributors who have expressiveness in the market at the level Brazil, focusing on Logistics Services Distribution of Materials.

ØTeaching Professor at Senai in Facilies área.

Presided ASPAT – Association of Support to Parents of Young Talented, created three years through actions that are developed by the Sec of PMS Sao Jose dos Campos Education with young talents and Super endowed.